Millennium Counseling Center | Alcohol, Drug and Sex Addiction Treatment Center

Hope is yours. It’s time to soar.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people find a way out of the bondage of self-hate, shame and pain often caused by addiction, mental illness and trauma. We believe that with hard work and dedication, people can reclaim the hope that these diseases insidiously strip away.

Our goal is to help people rise above this shame and pain and help them realize a life that soars to heights they never believed possible.

Millennium’s Core Purpose

To help hurting people recover their lives.

Millennium’s Core Values

  • To always provide innovative and effective treatment.
  • To be a place that exhibits God’s love through warmth, humility and hospitality.
  • To help all individuals who work at Millennium excel, both personally and professionally.
  • To perform at a “first class” level with integrity, honesty, efficiency, quality and style.

Intensive Treatment Program–3A


Over a decade of Healing, Hope, and Recovery